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What is this?

This program was originally created to avoid the steep learning curve of Emacs, which is the preferred tool for programming in Chez Petite Scheme at Aarhus University where I (at the time of writing this) am still studying. I made the program open-source in hopes that it will help others as well.

What editors can I use with this?

The program basically just acts as a pipeline, constantly checking if a specific Scheme file (scratchpad.scm) has changed through a file hook. When it changes, it reads this file, redirects all the contents to the Petite Scheme buffer window, and then displays the normal output and error-output separately.

Why use this instead of Emacs?

I grew tired of using Emacs because of its steep learning curve. Notepad++ and Sublime already had Scheme highlighting support, and I liked those editors a lot more. With that in mind, I created this in order to have the freedom of choosing which editor to use.

Special features

There are a number of special features that can be used with this program.

- While the program is in the foreground, you can hit Enter if you want to re-start and re-evaluate the scheme file. This is useful if you have accidentally created an infinite loop in Scheme, causing the Petite Scheme executable to freeze.

- Per default, the program creates a scheme file called scratchpad.scm in the same directory as the program itself. This is the file that the pipeline will listen for changes in, but any file with a filename matching the regular expression ^scratchpad.*\.scm$ will also work, allowing you to work in different files. Simply create a file with that specific name, and save it. The pipeline will automatically detect the new file and re-evaluate it.


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